Who's Who @ Smiling Goth Productions

The Smiling Goth

(that would be president)

Duties: Web Mistress, Photographer, Sanity Assassin, graphics, reality manipulations, Mistress of Mayhem, Empress of the Known and Unknown Universes, Smiling

Background: BA in Media Arts, Masters of Science in Interactive Technology and Instructional Design. Experience with multiple authoring, graphics, and 3D animation programs; film, video, audio and lighting, radio and television personality on occasion

Resume available upon request.






NAME: Suzi M.

Sign: Pisces

Card: The High Priestess

email: suzi@smilinggoth.com



(aka resident artist)

Duties: Maker of Many Jokes, Wenchling Incarnate, Rockbiter, Maker of Names, Keeper of El ChupaGato, Lil Sis, Artwench,

Background: oils, acrylics, stone, silkscreen, photography, graphic design, etc., etc.

Name: Mel the Sphigadell

Sign: Pisces

Card: The Empress

email: wenchling@smilinggoth.com





(aka resident artist)

Duties: Bringer of Good Cheer, Chooser of Good Music, Creative Genius, mate to wenchling, the completor of the Fish Trinity

Background: all things photo, graphics, prints, paints, mixed media galore

Name: Adamantium

Sign: Pisces

Card: The Emperor

email: adamantium@smilinggoth.com




Writer of Words

(aka staff writer)

Duties: twister of reality and all things related thereto

Background: unknown writer





Name: James Glass

Sign: Stop

Card: Diner's Club

email: glass@smilinggoth.com





Writer of Words

(aka staff writer)

Duties: a twister of words, keeper of mystery meat, inventor of rigormortis, upholder of the Constitution

Background: unknown





Name: Xircon

Sign: N/A

Card: The Lover

email: xircon@smilinggoth.com




Writer of Words

(aka staff writer)

Duties: MC of the Revolution, Keeper of Rants, Director of Discussions

Background: BS in B.S.

No Picture Available

Name: Mr. Ministry

Sign: Leo

Card: The Heirophant

email: MrMinistry@smilinggoth.com


Our Deepest Regrets.... It is with deepest regrets that we say goodbye to Pants, also known as Inanna the Sex Kitten. She is no longer part of our home and she is missed.

Lover of Women

(aka one affectionate cat)

Duties: lap-cat extraordinaire

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