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Meet your new friends in dark places who are more Goth than Goth Itself.


Episode 1: The Ring

Meet Gal Gotha, Miss Kitty, and Blur Boi. Now see what happens when two sadists find an unsuspecting victim who is terrified of horror movies.


Episode 2: Fictional Characters Blur Boi falls in love... with hilarious consequences.
Episode 3: Varney the Vampire vs. The Vamp Varney the Ultimate Artist ponders the elusive attraction that women feel toward his arch-nemesis: Vamp.
Episode 4: Enter the Deathdealer... An ordinary day turns into caffeinated amusement when Gal Gotha and Miss Kitty meet the Deathdealer.
Episode 5: Lady Angelika's New Clothes Miss Kitty and Gal Gotha are shocked and slightly nauseated when Blur Boi falls in love with Lady Angelika's new "outfit".
Episode 6: Heroin Chic The slow-motion dance style of a club-goer fascinates Death Dealer and Blur Boi.
Episode 7: Old Maids As Gal Gotha and Miss Kitty attempt to explain the philosophy behind the 1980's, Blur Boi begins to wonder just how old his club companions are.

Episodes of Ubergoth! will be updated on Mondays, as often as is humanly possible.