MOVIE: Star Trek: Nemesis


OK, Trekkies. This is the latest and greatest. And yet another Enterprise is beaten to hell. It seems to be a staple of Trek movies now, an unspoken rule, that an Enterprise must be destroyed, or damn near to it, for the movie to be made. For the dedicated Trekkie, or Trekker, whatever floats your spaceship, there are references a-plenty to the inside series jokes, along with an Irving Berlin cover by Data. Gotta love Data. And that one thing we all knew was coming, and we waited and waited, finally came about. Big surprise, it wore pink. I give it an A+ because it's Star Trek and I'm biased. Second generation Trekkie like myself, you need your Star Trek fix every once in a few years, you know? I didn't like the end. It was good as far as story went and all... very intense. BUT. I can't tell you any more about it or I would have to kill you. Let's just say, I cried. Right there in the damned theater in front of everyone. You have been warned. Bring tissues, because the napkins they give you at the theater snack bar just don't cut it. For complete spoilers, go HERE