James Glass is 42, a Taurus, and still a bachelor. He likes it that way. He smokes a pipe and wears a smoking jacket to prove it.

Among other things, James Glass is an all around swell guy with a penchant for deviant sexual behavior. He lives in New York City, where he spends most of his time shaking his fist at passersby, whether or not they deserve it. He frequently plays host to Xircon, who wanders in out of the night after an extended period of being missing and presumed dead and passes out on the couch. With his shoes on. This upsets James. A lot. He wishes Xircon would at least wipe his feet. And call once in awhile.



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* * *

Laura waited in the darkness, hearing the sounds of the night moving around her and the faint clink of the handcuffs that bound her over the headstone, fastening her wrists to her ankles. At first the idea had seemed like a good one, she¹d always wanted to have sex in a graveyard, but an hour had passed since Richard had left her there, blindfolded, gagged, and completely helpless.

* * *