Frequently Asked Questions


How did you get your name?

Suzi used to sign off her emails with titles dependant on her mood of the moment. One day while talking to friend Mike Bann, she mentioned that she would like to start a production company, but didn't know a good name. She was in a good mood when she sent the email, and she signed it "Suzi the Smiling Goth." Mike wrote that Smiling Goth sounded pretty cool, and the name stuck.

When was SGP started?

Smiling Goth Productions began unofficially in 1997 with the fateful email message. The actual official launch of the site was on October 1st, 1998, and still going strong today.

Does SGP accept submissions?

Yes. To submit work to the site, email with a QUERY FIRST. You will be sent guidelines for submitting materials and given details on how to go about it. Please make sure your work will fit in with the general site theme BEFORE sending anything in.

Who runs SGP?

Suzi mainly, along with the residents of the site. For full details, see the Who section.

What is SGP about?

When first started, Smiling Goth Productions was focused mainly on photography, art, and writing submissions of unknown artists. Today SGP accepts all forms of submissions from both known and unknown artists, including independent movies and music for review on the site. Again, please make sure if you wish to submit your work that it will fit in with the dark themes presented on the site. No pop music, please.

Where is SGP headed?

Since the official launch in 1998, Smiling Goth Productions has expanded from a small internet presence in the United States to a globally enjoyed place for minds to come together. As long as there are unknown artists, writers, photographers, and film-makers out there, Smiling Goth Productions will continue to push as many as possible to the top of the creative food chain. SGP has expanded from selling original works to an online store featuring prints, postcards, and other merchandise. There is now also a special guest section featuring some talented individuals, as well as a new discussion board for SGP fans to chat with their favorite artists and writers.


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